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Jovan Kurbalija September 09, 2016

Thank you Vlada for a very good blog post. There is a risk with analogies that they highlight commonalities and hide differences between two objects (cables and highway). There is no perfect analogy (all common elements). Perfect analogy would not be any more analogy. It would be complete identification. Two object would be the same. Analogies should be used with utmost care. They are powerful tool for simple explanation of complex and/or new concepts. In some cases, analogies could be used as powerful tool for manipulation (e.g. 'Munich analogy' in the preparations for Iraq war).

Vladimir Radunovic September 09, 2016

I agree, Jovan - it depends what the purpose is. For educational purpose, any analogy that helps better understanding the new phenomena in an accurate way can work. Yet for political, policy, legal or regulatory purpose, one should be much more cautious and, I guess, avoid analogies unless seriously taking into account their flaws as well.

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