Ginger Paque   26 Mar 2010   E-Diplomacy

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E-voting and Internet voting are of course two different things: Internet voting is one form of e-voting. But even more important for e-participation is the point made in a previous comment by Uvais: Internet voting tools offer support to the whole voting process. The preparation and registration processes lay the foundation for the election. This can be a costly and complex procedure that may benefit from a well-designed Internet application that makes the process less expensive, more effective and inclusive, and very importantly, more transparent.

Is e-voting more susceptible to errors than paper ballots? I used to think so. But a traditional paper system or an electronic/Internet system both need to be carefully prepared to be valid. A well-designed and implemented e- or I- voting system doesn't leave votes uncounted, lost in bags in closets and under bridges and vulnerable to myriad human errors of interpretation.  Computers, e-system and Internet resources are at their best tracking important details, be they words, pennies or votes.

I earlier stated that Remote Participation was the height of e-participation. I take it back. The most important citizen participation is voting. And e-voting, including Internet voting processes and resources should be designed and implemented to strengthen this process. What is your experience?

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