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Diplo projects nominated for WSIS Project Prizes 2013

Published on 28 February 2013
Updated on 05 April 2024

DiploFoundation’s flagship Internet governance programme, the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme, and the book An Introduction to Internet Governance, have been nominated for the WSIS Project Prizes for 2013.

Diplo projects nominated for WSIS Project Prizes 2013The Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (ICGBP) has been nominated under Category 9: ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life (C7) – E-learning, with Project ID 1359388940.

The IGCBP offers training and support for the effective participation of stakeholders in Internet governance policy processes. Through this programme, DiploFoundation trains and supports international institutions, governments, civil society and academic participants active in the IG process. Over the past 7 years, Diplo has empowered over 2000 participants and partners around the world, creating a ripple effect across the whole sector and the global policy process.

Diplo projects nominated for WSIS Project Prizes 2013The book An Introduction to Internet Governance has been nominated under Category 4: Capacity building (C4), with Project ID 1359382575.

The publication, by DiploFoundation director Dr Jovan Kurbalija, provides a comprehensive overview of the main issues and actors in the field of Internet governance through a practical framework for analysis, discussion, and resolution of significant issues. It has introduced diplomats and government officials to this emerging field of global policy, and is used by others from civil society, academia, and the business sectors to learn and reflect on the Internet governance issues, from legal, social, linguistic, and economic perspectives. In its fifth edition, the book is a living project and has been translated into several languages.

The WSIS Project Prizes recognise and award projects for their efforts in the implementation of WSIS outcomes. In its second year, the WSIS Project Prizes will this year honour 18 winners during an award ceremony at the WSIS Forum 2013, in Geneva, in May.

To vote, simply log in or register on the WSIS Project Prizes page, and follow the voting instructions.

Please note that voters must vote for one project from each of the 18 categories for their vote to be counted. Votes from stakeholders who do not complete the voting process by voting in each of the 18 categories will not be counted. Also note that once a vote is cast and accepted, it cannot be changed. The deadline for voting is 15 March.


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  1. Yalew Gizaw
    Yalew Gizaw says:

    Diplo foundation projects
    Diplo foundation projects nomination for the WSIS project prizes is appropriate. I am the beneficiary of the programs by taking the online courses. The participants of the course were from different part of the world and we have shared many experiences. I hope WSIS will recognizing the role of of Diplo by facilitation the way towards the realization of the the information society. initiative.

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