Ginger Paque   26 Apr 2012   Internet Governance

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The United Nations has issued a press release anouncing the renewal of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). All of us at DiploFoundation join the IG community in congratulating  the new MAG, the UN, and the IGF Secretariat. We offer our sincere appreciation to all outgoing MAG members, including Diplo associates Katitza Rodriguez and Fouad Bajwa

The renewed MAG has a complex task ahead of them as the IGF continues its work to foster substantive discussions for continued multistakeholder governance of the Internet. We offer our unconditional support for their investment of time, energy, creativity and commitment towards decisive success in this endeavour. 

We are especially proud of Diplo associates and alumni: Carolina Aguerre, Quasi Al-Shatti, Olga Cavalli, Veronica Cretu, Anju Mangal, Judy Okite, Graciela Selaimen, Felix Samakande, Diop Diagne Ndeye Maimouna and Vladimir Radunovic. Good luck to all of you!

UN Press release | List of MAG members






  • Profile picture for user Jovan Kurbalija
    Jovan Kurbalija, 06/23/2021 - 17:23

    Thank you to Katitza and Fouad who provided a lot of energy and dynamism to the outgoing MAG. Congratulations for the new members of MAG, who will have a very demanding and responsible task to steer the IGF in the current transition phase.

  • Deirdre Williams (not verified), 06/23/2021 - 17:23

    I'm adding my thanks, and my congratulations as well. I'm so very pleased for you all. Congratulations to Diplo too for the synergy it has created

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