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Michael Oghia (not verified) March 25, 2016

I'm really enjoying these posts, keep it up!

Foncham Denis Doh (not verified) March 26, 2016

There had been collaborations between the internet community on previous cases and unlocking of phones was never requested. If unlocking is requested now, it is because of the gravity of the crime, and that should be considered. Apple has the technology to do it just for this phone and only once.

Vladimir Radunovic March 28, 2016

Truth is that technology is advancing and so is the level of security within it. Such embedded security is needed not (only) to protect one's privacy against the government, but more importantly against the criminals which are becoming increasingly skillful in using profiling for conducting criminal acts. This is what encryption helps with - it increases the security of the overall stack of personal and institutional data today. Should security sector be able to peek in if necessary? I believe so, though following well-crafted legal paths including court order. Is weakening encryption the way ahead? I doubt; it can only decrease individual and overall security of data and citizens. We should start a dialogue on: "if not weakening encryption, that what else?" to find the common ground between law enforcement, intelligence, industry and users.

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