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Ginger Paque March 29, 2016

With the update that the FBI has decrypted Syed Farook's iPhone, ( more than ever, I wonder if the lawsuit was suspended because there was a backroom agreement between Apple and the FBI to cooperate on the decryption. What is the possibility that Apple 'informally' assisted in order to defuse the situation and avoid a more serious confrontation?

Vladimir Radunovic April 01, 2016

According to some news, it was an Israeli company that was hired by the FBI to break the phone. Some experts believe also that the FBI turned to the NSA to break it (NSA does have advanced hardware-based methods to break into the chip). Others believe that Apple helped FBI, but off-the-records, so that they withdraw the order. Finally, there are those that think FBI has not managed to get into the phone but are only bluffing, in order to get out of this messy situation. Some recent opinions raise an issue of responsibility of FBI, according to the US legislation, to disclose the vulnerability of the Apple system if they found one. So it may happen that Apple now insist that FBI discloses how they managed to break into the phone, and even sue them!

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