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Brainstorming Call for Action

We, the peoples, the first line of the UN Charter, should guide the development of artificial intelligence (AI) at the UN. Contributions of countries, companies, and communities worldwide to AI@UN could bolster the high potential of AI to support the UN’s missions of upholding global peace, advancing development, and protecting human rights.

An inclusive approach to AI development is key for upholding the principle of impartiality, a pillar of the UN. 

The AI@UN has two main goals:

  • support policy discussions on the sustainable AI transformation of the UN ecosystem; and
  • inspire the contributions of AI models and agents by member states and other actors.

As a starting point, we would like to propose the following guiding principles for the development and deployment of AI models, modules, and agents at the UN: 

The call to action is clear: by leveraging the transformative power of AI, the UN can turn an ongoing challenge into a watershed moment for global governance. The UN’s commitment to innovation and adaptability will test its resilience and underscore its enduring relevance and leadership in charting the course of human progress.

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