International Labour Organization

Established: 1

Address: Rte des Morillons 4, 1211 Genève, Switzerland


The International Labour Organization (ILO), established in 1919, stands as the oldest specialized agency of the United Nations, renowned for its unique tripartite structure that includes representatives from governments, employers, and workers. Its core mission is to advocate for labour rights and the right to decent work, while also promoting constructive dialogue on work-related issues. The ILO’s reach extends over 20 economic sectors, addressing a diverse range of topics from child labour to workplace health and safety, and it has a significant focus on industries such as health services, oil and gas production, and textiles.

In the digital domain, the ILO’s activities span various sectors, including postal and telecommunication services, where it assists in developing policies and programs to improve working conditions and economic opportunities, with a keen eye on the effects of deregulation and privatisation. The future of work, particularly in the context of digitalisation, is a prominent theme in the ILO’s agenda, leading to the establishment of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work and the publication of influential reports that explore the implications of artificial intelligence and robotics. These efforts are complemented by initiatives on privacy and data protection, sustainable development, and capacity building, all aimed at fostering a more equitable and productive future of work in the digital age.

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