Part of the Advanced Diplomatic Webinars series.


As a follow-up to the January webinar, which dealt with the very early days of diplomacy, our February webinar will focus on the Ancient World. We will start with the emergence of writing, one of the most important communication technologies in the history of mankind. Writing triggered a more sophisticated way of communication both within and between ancient societies.

During the Friday webinar, we will navigate through the rich diplomatic heritage of Babylon, Sumeria, Egypt, the Hittite Empire, India, Persia, and China. In this journey through time we will follow developments from clay to digital tablets and search for insights that should help us understand the future of e-diplomacy.

Join us for the live webinar 'Diplomacy and technology in the Ancient World' with Jovan Kurbalija on Friday, February 22 at 14:00 CET.

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