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[Webinar] Remote participation: from principles to practice

26 February 2013 -


Event description

With constant innovation, remote participation (RP) – which facilitates the inclusion of those who are unable to be physically present, by creating a virtual link with those who are meeting in situ – has developed to become an indispensable asset in IG and other global policy shaping events, such as the ongoing WSIS+10 which has now joined the ranks as an engaged RP player.

Our February webinar will focus on some of the most important evolving RP principles, including RP as a model for e-participation, and as a tool for inclusion of previously unheard voices, in global policy processes. Our hosts, Diplo's Virginia (Ginger) Paque, and Raquel Gatto, both founding members of the IGF Remote Participation Working Group, will lead a discussion on RP principles, experiences from IG meetings, and challenges that still need to be addressed.

The webinar will also feature RP in action: a live example of how remote participation is facilitating the involvement of hundreds of otherwise 'missing' delegates to UNESCO's WSIS+10 Review Meeting, which will take place on 25-27 February in Paris.

The discussion webinar will take place on Tuesday, 26th February, at 14 GMT. Attendance is free, but registration is required.

Registration is now closed.

[Update] Podcast available for viewing

The principles and practical aspects of remote participation were the subject of our February webinar, hosted by Diplo’s Virginia (Ginger) Paque, co-founder of the RPWG, with the special intervention of Raquel Gatto, also co-founder of the RPWG; Bernard Sadaka, remote participation expert; and Vladimir Radunovic. The hosts discussed the principles and statistics of remote participation from recent meetings. Mr Sadaka and Mr Radunovic addressed the participants from the UNESCO's WSIS+10 Review Meeting, which took place in Paris – a live example of remote participation in practice.

We invite you to listen to a live recording of the webinar, in which the hosts also discuss questions and comments posted by the webinar participants, including: the financial aspect, developments related to hubs, captioning, and more. To receive news, announcements and follow-up e-mails regarding our IG webinars, subscribe to our IG webinars group:

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