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This is a recording of the DiploFoundation webinar: 'The European Commission's proposal on Internet governance negotiations', held on March 7 2014.

Presented by: Andrea Glorioso (EU Commission)

Innovation in Diplomacy conference Richard Werly


Mr Anders Norsker, ITU (Remote participation at International Telecommunications Union), Mr Richard Boly, Director of eDiplomacy of the US State Department


Dr Aldo Mattucci, Dr Alex Sceberras Trigona, Prof. Biljana Scott


[Update] The webinar recording and digest are now available here.

All eyes are set on the NETmundial meeting, which is taking place in São Paulo, Brazil on 23-24 April. The meeting follows...

To the Ancient Greeks we owe the term ‘diplomacy’ (folded in two). We will start our discussion through the role of the orator and the first examples of the principle of extra-territoriality.

Ancient Greek diplomacy was probably the most open form of diplomacy in history. It was delivered in plenary sessions. Ancient Greece also made early innovations in communication by developing some...

As recently as the 1950s and 1960s, bilateral summits were rare events, barring exceptional circumstances such as World War II (consider that Churchill and Roosevelt met bilaterally, and with Stalin and other leaders, a dozen times in 1940-44).

Today, heads of government meet almost continually at regional and global conferences, including new select country clusters, such as the G-20,...

[Update] The webinar digest, recording, and presentation are available here.

While many lauded the European Commission’s Communication on Internet Policy and Governance, the proposal also sparked debate. US National...

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