Diplo's capacity development support begins with individuals, but through the activities of these individual, our impact reaches into the larger systems of which they and their organisations are a part. Learn more

Internet Governance and ICT Policy

Our award-winning work has improved representation at key forums and forged new communities of practice. It includes an EU-funded project on Africa-Caribbean-Pacific countries.

CD Pacific

The Capacity Development Programme for Pacific Island States (CD Pacific) aims to strengthen the participation of Pacific island states in International Geneva-related multilateral diplomacy. The programme combines online learning and research with face-to-face coaching and policy immersion in Geneva.

Asia-Europe public diplomacy

The "Asia-Europe Public Diplomacy Training Initiative" helps to promote and facilitate skills training for diplomats from ASEM countries. The aim is to improve public diplomacy efforts between these countries through online and in situ learning activities. 


Capacity development for e-participation is empowering the world, one remote participant, one remote hub, one community at a time. Diplo is at the forefront.

Climate change diplomacy

Diplo has developed online communities and innovative resources to help give voice to those nations most affected by climate change.