Jenny Pearson

Capacity Development Consultant

Ms Jenny Pearson has lived and worked in Cambodia since 1995. She has qualifications in social work and management and worked in the public sector in England before going to Cambodia. She founded and directed VBNK, Cambodia’s leading learning and capacity development institution, until 2008. She has played a leading role in developing the capacity of the not-for-profit sector in Cambodia, introducing creative approaches to capacity development and serving on the boards of several prominent development organisations. In 2007 she was a visiting fellow at the Institute of Development Studies in the UK. Jenny now spends her time consulting and writing about capacity development, drawing on her years of experience to contribute the voice of practice to the international discourse on capacity development. She is the author of Creative Capacity Development: learning to adapt in development practice, and the OECD Work Paper Training and Beyond: Seeking better practices for capacity development.