Internet governance is one of the most important global policy issues in the world today. How we manage the Internet will define much of our society, if we take into account the impact of the Internet and instant communication on today's society.

Do you know why people protested last winter against ACTA and SOPA? Are there ways to protect your data stored at Facebook servers in the cloud? Should Twitter filter messages in accordance with national law?

These and many other questions are coming into the focus of the global public. The more we rely on the Internet, the more important its governance becomes. Through this section (links below and on the right) you can access research papers, blogs, videos and visualisations of the main Internet governance issues. You can also learn about the Internet governance policy processes, and the positions of main players and stakeholders. The ‘IG Building Under Construction’ (image below), a mapping of Internet governance issues, provides a good starting point. Every month you can also attend interactive webinars summarising the most important current developments in IG.

Learn more about Diplo's capacity building work in Internet governance, and join the annual Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP) which has trained over 1,500 professionals from 160 countries worldwide since its inception in 2003. Many of these professionals are now among the world's emerging leaders and pioneers in the digital world.

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4 Nov 2014
Online and WMO building, Geneva
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7 Oct 2014
online and WMO building, Geneva
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