Western Sanctions and food security

In response to African union chair and President of Senegal Macky Sall statement that western sanctions on Russia have created “serious threats” to the food security of the African continent. China’s Foreign Spokesperson Zhao Lijian noted that sanctions imposed by the US and other western countries have had a grave impact on export of grains and fertilizers, resulting in soaring food prices inevitably leading to lower food accessibility for vulnerable regions and countries and higher risks for global food security.
In his view, the US has played a hand in every global food crisis in history by manipulating the global food trade system, gained tight control over international food prices and exaggerated supply shortage and pocketing enormous profits which in his view is extremely irresponsible.
According to China, sanctions will only exacerbate the food crisis and therefore solution is for the international community to facilitate peace talks so as to restore peace at an early date and create a peaceful and stable environment for resolving the food crisis.