King of Morocco turns 60: diplomacy key amid lingering inequalities

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI will observe his 60th birthday privately on 21st August 2023, far from public view, amidst persistent challenges that have persisted nearly twenty-five years into his reign. Although he is recognized for effectively upholding stability in a tumultuous region, often by curbing dissent, and for modernizing the economy and engaging in assertive diplomacy, he has not fully addressed the significant disparities that continue to afflict Moroccan society.

In his recent address on July 30, the king called for advancements in progress and the initiation of more substantial projects for the betterment of the Moroccan people. Since ascending to the throne after his father Hassan II’s passing on July 23, 1999, King Mohammed VI has maintained a strong influence over economic policies, foreign relations, as well as defense and security matters within his North African country.