Wellness diplomacy

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Wellness diplomacy is a relatively new concept that refers to the use of public health and wellness initiatives as a means of promoting peace, collaboration, and cooperation between countries. It recognises that health and well-being are fundamental human rights and improving health outcomes can have a positive impact on social and economic development, political stability, and international relations.

In wellness diplomacy, countries collaborate on a range of initiatives, such as disease prevention and control, health promotion, access to healthcare, and health research. This can involve sharing knowledge and expertise, pooling resources, and working together to address common challenges.

Wellness diplomacy can also involve the use of health and wellness as a tool for building bridges between different cultures and communities. For example, wellness tourism, which promotes travel and tourism for the purpose of enhancing personal well-being, can be used to promote intercultural understanding and foster positive relationships between people from different backgrounds.

Overall, wellness diplomacy is an emerging field that recognises the important role that health and well-being play in shaping international relations and promoting global cooperation.