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Humanitarian Diplomacy

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Economic Diplomacy

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Science Diplomacy

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The MIKTA Way Forward (Briefing Paper #2)

Ms Rosen Jacobson assesses the potential, risk, and future of MIKTA, a cooperation scheme comprising Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, and Australia, which was officially launched in September 2013.... Read more...

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Common African Position on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

The participatory approach that led to the elaboration of the Common African Position (CAP) on the post-2015 Development Agenda involving stakeholders at the national, regional and continental levels among the public and private sectors, parliamentarians, civil socie... Read more...

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East Asian Regionalism

The text examines the dynamics and evolution of East Asian regionalism, analysing the various economic, political, and social factors influencing regional integration efforts in the East Asian context.... Read more...

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Towards a Single Development Vision and the role of the Single Economy

The text discusses the importance of aligning development goals and the significance of the Single Economy in creating a unified development vision.... Read more...


Perspectives on Africa’s Integration and Cooperation from OAU to AU

The text provides insights on Africa's integration and cooperation from the OAU to the AU.... Read more...

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Strengthening Regional Management: A Review of the Architecture for Regional Co-operation in the Pacific

The review focuses on the architecture for regional co-operation in the Pacific and aims to strengthen regional management in the area.... Read more...

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The Foreign Policies of the Global South: Rethinking Conceptual Frameworks

The text provides an analysis of foreign policies in the Global South and suggests reconsidering existing conceptual frameworks.... Read more...

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Small States and Alliances

The article discusses the challenges small states face in forming alliances to enhance their security and influence on the global stage. It explores the strategies small states can employ to navigate power dynamics and build effective alliances with other countries. Ad... Read more...

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