Open diplomacy

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Open diplomacy, also known as public diplomacy, is a diplomatic approach that seeks to engage with the public and other non-state actors to promote mutual understanding, build relationships, and achieve diplomatic goals. It involves using various forms of communication, including social media, public speaking, cultural exchanges, and other forms of outreach, to reach out to foreign publics and promote a positive image of a country or its policies.

The aim of open diplomacy is to foster transparency, trust, and cooperation between governments and the public, as well as between different countries. It recognizes the importance of public opinion in shaping foreign policy and seeks to engage with a wide range of stakeholders in order to build consensus and support for diplomatic initiatives.

In contrast to traditional diplomacy, which is often conducted behind closed doors by diplomats and government officials, open diplomacy emphasises the importance of engaging with civil society, academic institutions, and other non-state actors to promote mutual understanding and collaboration. It is a more inclusive and transparent approach to diplomacy that seeks to build bridges between different countries and cultures.