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Involvement of ARIN Service Region in International Digital Standardization

Kristina Hojstricova

The international community and policymakers need to grasp and better comprehend how digital standards work, why they are important for the digital economy and society, and why standard-setting processes would benefit...

[WebDebate #12 summary] Standardisation: Practical solutions for strained negotiations, or an arena for realpolitik?

Virdzinija Saveska

Our May WebDebate looked at standards as tools for managing international relations and discussed the process of negotiating and implementing the standards. Standards define our everyday lives in ways most people do n...

Standardisation – The Key to Unlock the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Is standardisation a key to unlocking the 17 Sustainable Development goals adopted in the framework of the 2030 Agenda? How can the goals be translated into actions? How can standards be developed and used to attain t...

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Report: The geopolitics of digital standards: China’s role in standard-setting organisations

Standards for digital technologies are all around us, enabling devices to interact with each other, allowing us to connect to mobile networks, and facilitating the exchange of information. By providing rules or guidelines for the development and functioning of techno... Read more...

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Factors influencing broadband adoption and digital content consumption in developing countries: A case from Pakistan

This paper attempts to redress the issues of broadband adoption and digital content consumption and provides detailed analysis on the factors that influence them, and rejection determinants in a developing country like Pakistan.... Read more...

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