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Governments vs ChatGPT: Investigations around the world

Stephanie Borg Psaila

ChatGPT, the AI-powered tool that allows you to chat and get answers to almost any question, has taken the world by storm. Now, governments around the world are starting to take notice of these t...

Apple’s new measures to protect children online on hold 

Stephanie Borg Psaila

The spread of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) has plagued the internet for decades. While new material appears every now and then, existing photos and videos keep re-appearing, mostly on the dark web.  Scanning im...

Digital literacy for digital natives


Since its creation, the Internet has been regarded as a world of opportunities. Whereas it gives access to information, knowledge, and ideas, and contributes to faster communication and new business models, online eng...

Young people’s digital responsibility

Stephanie Borg Psaila

What would you say if you had to read that on average, children in Europe start to go online at the age of seven? And how many children, aged between 9 and 12, do you think have a social networking profile? (Despite a...

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From a Safer Internet to a Better Internet for Kids

The text is about transitioning from a safer internet to a better internet for kids.... Read more...

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Introducing child safety in Romanian schools: Does the existing primary and secondary curriculum address online safety?

This paper examines the idea of an online child safety policy for Romania, which would provide an initiative to encourage smart online behavior in young children, prepare them to surf the Internet, and educate them to avoid its dangers. As technology develops and more ... Read more...

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