Celebrity diplomacy

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Celebrity diplomacy refers to the practice of using famous individuals, such as actors, musicians, and other public figures, to promote political or social causes on a global scale. It is a form of public diplomacy, which aims to create positive relationships and build goodwill between different countries or groups of people.

Celebrities may engage in diplomacy through a variety of means, such as attending international conferences, participating in humanitarian missions, or serving as ambassadors or advocates for particular issues. They can bring attention to important causes and help to mobilise public support for specific initiatives, often leveraging their fame and influence to do so.

While celebrity diplomacy can be controversial and its effectiveness debated, it remains a powerful tool for raising awareness and promoting positive change on a global scale.

One of early examples of celebrity diplomacy dates back to 1952 when actor and singer Marlon Brando used his celebrity status to help improve US-Mexican relations.