Translating ‘History of Switzerland’ into Serbian

Book publishing project

Swiss History

There are many ties between Switzerland and the Balkans. Hundreds of thousands of people from the Balkans live and work in Switzerland and have created numerous human, formal and informal ties. Nevertheless, this interdependence is not reflected in the knowledge about Switzerland in the Balkans. For example, there is no history of Switzerland available in Serbian or related languages (Bosnian, Croatian, and Montenegrin).

The aim of this project is to address this missing link by facilitating the publication of one of the most relevant history books of Switzerland, “Geschichte der Schweiz” by Prof. Thomas Maissen, by the publishing house Albatros Plus as part of its series of the histories of European nations.

The main objectives of the book translation project are:

  • To create a better understanding of Switzerland in academic circles and among the general public in Serbia and the Balkan region (beyond the usual stereotypes: banking, Swiss cheese, and chocolate).
  • To encourage studies on Switzerland at the universities in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro (the book will be printed using Latin script).


Activities and Timetable

Book promotion in Serbia

  • Presentation at the Belgrade Book Fair with a round table on Swiss history (October 2015)

Book promotion in Switzerland (autumn 2015)

  • Events with the Swiss author of the book for the Serbian expat community in Switzerland


Budget (in CHF) [1]

  • License fee (from Swiss publisher)                                600
  • Translation from German to Serbian                           5’700
  • Editing                                                                          1’600
  • DTP & Printing (1000 copies)                                      4’000
  • Other costs (e.g. publicity, bank charges)                      900
  • Total budget for the book production:                   12’800           


Type of sponsorship

The expenses for the book production (CHF 12’800) will be financed by individual and institutional donations from Serbia and Switzerland. The following sponsoring schemes are envisaged:

  • Gold sponsorship (over CHF 1’000)
  • Silver sponsorship (over CHF 500)
  • Sponsorship (over CHF 100)

Names of sponsoring individuals and institutions will be indicated in the book and at promotional events (sponsors may also decide to remain anonymous). Sponsors will receive complementary copies of the book:

  • Gold sponsorship – 10 copies
  • Silver sponsorship – 5 copies
  • Sponsorship – 2 copies

You can make donations at

Account name: Albatros Plus, d.o.o.
Account number: 00-701-00383384.3
Bank name: Komercijalna Banka
IBAN: RS 35205007010038384335

About Albatros Plus

Albatros Plus is one of the most renowned Serbian publishers of philosophical, historical, legal, and sociological publications. The literary series Albatros is the most-awarded series in the Serbian publishing industry in the past two decades. Albatros Plus has accomplished numerous successful translation projects from German with support of the Traduki Foundation.[2] One of its latest publications is a translation of Hermann Lübbe’s “Religion nach der Aufklärung”. The publishing of the History of Switzerland by Albatros Plus will ensure access to universities, think tanks and the media in Serbia and the Balkan region. For more information about Albatros Plus visit:

[1] DiploFoundation will contribute CHF 3,200 for project management, administration, fund-raising and web-design. DiploFoundation provides capacity building, training and research on the impact of the Internet on diplomacy and international relations. It has offices in Malta, Geneva and Belgrade (

[2] The Traduki Foundation was established by the governments of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (