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In our families, in our jobs, in our political dynamic at a national level, we always try to persuade others, first and foremost.

Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy
Author: Joseph Cassar, 2012

‘With the number of training courses I have attended, including attending the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), I have learnt a lot.’

Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)
Author: Dalsie Greenrose Kalna Baniala, 2011

Unisa Kamara's dissertation seeks to give an account of the Sierra Leone conflict and the different measures and strategies including diplomatic attempts and efforts that were employed by various parties in trying to secure a peaceful and durable solution to it.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Unisa Sahid Kamara, 2011

‘Capacity building is necessary to allow for equal participation...

Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)
Author: Angelic Caroline Alihusain-del Castilho, 2011

‘I can confirm that the level of awareness of IG issues is increasing amongst the general ICT community, and even more people from Botswana getting involved in IG issues at local level and...

Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)
Author: Gaongalelwe-Gaolaolwe Mosweu, 2011

‘I strongly believe that personal development is most important for my teaching and research.

Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)
Author: Lenandlar Singh, 2011

In 2011, Diplo have held a series of meetings discussing the impact of WikiLeaks on diplomacy. This paper summarises the main conclusions of our discussions and research. It is close enough in time (3+ months) to understand the emotions, dynamics, and concerns raised by WikiLeaks.

Source: e-Diplomacy Library
Author: Jovan Kurbalija, 2011

‘Internet governance (IG) is a new field which lacks expertise in Madagascar.

Source: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World (2011)
Author: Zoniaina Fitahiana Rakotomalala, 2011

This research focuses on data protection regulations in Paraguay in order to analyse whether it contains provisions regulating the computerised processing of personal data and transborder data flows.

Source: Internet governance research paper
Author: Natalia Enciso Benítez, 2011

Ambassador Nabil Fahmy on Diplomatic Reporting (Source: The Rise of Netpolitik by David Bollier)

Source: e-Diplomacy Library
Author: Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, 2011


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