ConfTech LabLa facilité d'utilisation de Zoom l'a mérité une place de choix parmi les plateformes en ligne les plus populaires au monde. Dans ce guide, nous vous montrons comment l'utiliser.

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GithubFree and open source software (FOSS) platforms are a great option for those who prefer a tool developed in a collaborative and pub

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ConfTech LabZoom est l'un des outils en ligne les plus populaires. Si vous êtes novice, voici un guide simple pour accéder à votre salle en ligne en Zoom.

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BroadcastingThe number of social media users has increased exponentially. By livestreaming your meeting on social media, you can scale your outreach.

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ConfTech LabThe number of events shifting from physical to online venues is increasing every day. Diplo's Conference Tech Lab is monitoring closely to identify new trends.

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The comic brings a worrying, yet realistic and educative story that follows a life of a cyber vulnerability, from its inception to its deployment for an actual cyberattack.

Author: Vladimir Radunovic, Vladimir Veljasevic,

This publication presents the thematic approach, methodology, achievements and lessons learned from a capacity development initiative on e-commerce jointly offered in 2017/2018 by DiploFoundation, CUTS International Geneva, the International Trade Centre (ITC), the Geneva Internet Platform(GIP),

Author: Marilia Maciel, Roxana Radu, Hannah Slavik,

The study Towards a secure cyberspace via regional co-operation provides an overview of the international dialogue on establishing norms of state behaviour and confidence-building measures in cyberspace.

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The adoption of open data policies and the standardisation of data collection were among the recommendations made during DiploFoundation's Data Diplomacy Roundtable: Mapping the Field, a brainstorming event
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This text was published in the ASEF Outlook Report 2016/2017,  CONNECTIVITY: Facts and Perspectives.

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