Diplo’s new video series DW Shorts brings you the latest digital policy developments

  • Diplo’s new video series,  DW Shorts, is here to keep everyone up-to-date on digital policy developments from around the world.
  • DW Shorts, brought to you by Diplo and the DW Observatory,  is a series of brief, informative videos that cover cybersecurity, data protection, AI, and more.

3 April 2023 – Diplo and the Digital Watch (DW) Observatory are proud to announce the launch of DW Shorts – a new series of video updates on digital policy developments that matter the most for the everyday user. Every week, an expert from the DW Observatory will bring you the important details from the week’s digital policy highlights in a short video, giving viewers insights into why these developments are significant and their implications for countries, companies, and users worldwide. 

‘We’re excited to launch DW Shorts, which will give our viewers an easy and convenient way to stay informed on the latest digital policy developments,’ said Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Executive Director of Diplo, the organisation behind the Digital Watch Observatory. ‘Our expert team has worked hard to create short videos that give our viewers a comprehensive overview of what is happening in this field’. 

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DW Shorts will be published  weekly on the Diplo YouTube channel and the DW Observatory. The videos will cover the main topics of that week such as data protection, cybersecurity, AI, and more. Each video will be tailored to the issues being discussed and featuring insights from experts in the field.

‘The Digital Watch Observatory was created to help policymakers keep up with rapid developments in technology and digital policy. With DW Shorts, we want to make this knowledge accessible to everyone.’

Dr Kurbalija

In addition to providing viewers with an informative overview of digital policy developments, DW Shorts also aims to encourage discussions about how technology affect art, the media, and overall societal change. Through these conversations, we hope to foster human understanding, and promote collaborations to solve contemporary dilemmas. 

DW Shorts is part of Diplo’s mission to promote understanding and participation in global debates about internet governance and digital policy issues. Through the DW Observatory and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), Diplo’s capacity development programmes,research, and events, Diplo strives to bring together stakeholders from all backgrounds to foster understanding and promote collaboration.