Shikoli Makatiani

Chief Technical and Operations Officer of Serianu Kenya Ltd

Shikoli Makatiani, the Chief Technical and Operations Officer of Serianu Kenya Ltd, brings over 20 years of rich experience in software engineering and product development. A tech visionary, he possesses a profound understanding of the interplay between emerging IT trends and business dynamics, excelling in syncing technology with corporate objectives.
As Serianu’s CTO, Shikoli is responsible for harnessing the company’s culture of creativity, passion and technical expertise that has transformed the company into a hub of cyber security excellence. A dynamic leader, Shikoli’s keen business acumen and sharp technical skills are a motivating factor for the Serianu fraternity to continuously strive for quality in bringing our solutions to market. This has helped transform Serianu Kenya into a strategic business partner to institutions across the continent.
A crucial aspect of Shikoli’s career has been his dedication to advancing AI in Africa. His active participation in key discussions and events across the continent underscores this commitment. In November 2023, Shikoli delivered an influential presentation to Nigerian Insurance CIOs at their annual meeting, titled “Transforming Insurance Roadblocks with Artificial Intelligence.” This presentation showcased his capability to leverage AI in tackling specific challenges in the insurance sector, demonstrating his expertise and forward-thinking approach. Earlier, in January 2023, he played a significant role in a presentation for Business Daily Kenya, entitled “The Future of AI.” This engagement highlighted his insightful perspectives on AI’s trajectory in Africa, reinforcing his status as a visionary in the AI space.
Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA, Shikoli’ s career spans roles at Africa Online, Corporate Technologies Ltd (USA), and Turnkey Africa Kenya. His unique blend of experiences, coupled with his recent thought leadership in AI, positions him as a leading voice in shaping the future of AI in Africa.