Ibrahim Uvais
Ambassador of Maldives to Japan

Mr Ibrahim Uvais is Ambassador of Maldives to Japan. His training spans finance, management, and diplomacy. He holds a B. Comm. in Finance (Flinders University), an MBA (Western Sydney University), a PGDip in Business and Commerce (Monash University Malaysia), and a Master’s in Contemporary Diplomacy (University of Malta). He has experience in the civil and foreign services of the Maldives, working in various areas in fiscal policy research and in foreign policy administration. He also has worked in the private sector as consultant on organisation development. Uvais has coordinated and taught in several of Diplo’s courses and has a research interest in the diplomacy of small and low-power actors.


Consular diplomacy and e-diplomacy

12 March 2010

Consular work, or the ‘Cinderella Service’, has traditionally been a relatively neglected area in most foreign ministries. Recent trends have however reshaped the way foreign ministries think about this function w...



Consular Diplomacy: A Conceptual Framework for Analysis and Decision Making

This dissertation explores the consular functions performed in three developed countries and draws from that data to develop a conceptual framework for decision making and analysis of consular affairs. The paper examines the historical evolution of consular functions a... Read more...

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