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Carmelo Romano

As the man responsible for Diplo’s online presence, Mr Carmelo (Lino) Romano’s  main role is to ensure the smooth operation of all Diplo’s servers. His aim is to go unnoticed, as he works in the background providing Diplo with continuous server availability. Lino started his career in industrial electronics, quickly moving on to computers at the very early stages of their proliferation in Malta. Initially he worked in software development, providing technical support to early adopters of business computers. He was involved in the successful setting up of one of the early Internet service providers on the island. Lino also supported a satellite broadcasting station, provided service to the printing industry through desktop publishing, and lectured to BSc students while running IT-related businesses and doing research work for a top-100 university.

Lino has a Master’s in Information Technology with a major in Information Security from the University of Liverpool. His dissertation dealt with the secure information flow between different levels of an enterprise. He also holds a Master’s in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship from the University of Malta. His second dissertation was an in-depth study of the tourism industry, including a business plan for a tourism- related portal. Lino also has certifications from both Microsoft and Cisco.