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Albert Friggieri

Ambassador of Malta to Switzerland

Dr Albert Friggieri is Malta’s ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In his previous position he served as Malta’s ambassador to Germany for six and a half years (2013-2019) in Berlin. In the mid-1980s he had already headed the Maltese embassy in Germany, at that time in Bonn. He returned to Malta in 1988 to set up a manufacturing firm, the subsidiary of a German company operating world-wide, which he managed for 25 years. He was formerly involved in tourism management for seven years and served on various boards dealing with industry, trade, and investment promotion. For many years he was part-time lecturer and later Visiting Senior lecturer in the Department of German of the University of Malta. He was awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit in 1999 “for fostering German-Maltese friendship through his work in the fields of culture, science and the economy”. Dr Friggieri holds humanities degrees from the universities of Malta, Heidelberg (Germany) and Exeter (UK).