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Dear colleagues, 

We’d like to thank you all for making today’s WebDebate ‘Will AI take over diplomatic reporting’ a truly international event, with 200 participants from all corners of the world. Your active participation has helped make it a great event!

Diplo’s AI Team produced a just-in-time report by using transcribing and summarising algorithms, make sure to have a look. However, us humans are a bit slower and we will send our report tomorrow, so stay tuned! Through reinforced learning, AI will learn to make better reports next time.

This was only the first of a series of events that focus on the impact of AI on diplomacy, global governance, and our societies. Don’t forget to join us for the next WebDebate on AI and diplomatic negotiations on 7 March 2023.

As promised, here are the links and further information on the main points discussed at the event:

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See you next time,

The Diplo Team

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