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What role can AI play in diplomatic negotiation?

WebDebate #57

Dear colleagues, 

We would like to thank you for joining our 57th WebDebate, on the role of AI in diplomatic negotiation and conflict resolution. A special thank you to our speakers.

As promised, here are the links and further information:

  • Watch the event recording on our website or on YouTube
  • Read about the Cybermediation initiative mentioned during the discussion.  
  • Other mentioned resources:
    • Polis, a tool for large-scale real-time conversations
    • Cicero, Meta’s tool that beats humans in playing the strategy game ‘Diplomacy’
    • Speech Generator, Diplo’s tool for drafting cybersecurity speeches
    • Data Sandbox, a Diplo tool to show how data modelling can bring different results and insights

See you next time,

The Diplo Team

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