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May-June developments

One of the big changes in June is that Google Meet is introducing a major update to make it easier to create and start spontaneous or last-minute meetings. The video conferencing platform introduces adaptive audio, a new feature to improve meetings. This technology allows people in the same location to seamlessly synchronise their devices and join a Google Meet call with multiple laptops without echo or audio feedback.

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When presenting in a meeting, Google Meet allows you to scroll and zoom in on your presentation information without switching tabs. This will enable you to focus more on delivering your presentation.

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(Source: Google Meet)

Microsoft Teams has announced several new updates. The Intelligent Summary feature will soon support transcription-only meetings, enabling AI-generated summaries for more meeting types. Participants can transcribe meetings without recording, and Teams Premium and Copilot for Microsoft 365 users will still have access to AI-generated notes, tasks, and name mentions.

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(Source: Microsoft Teams)

The new Microsoft Teams update allows users to manage who can record and transcribe meetings. This helps protect confidential meetings as the control options have been extended. Meeting organisers with qualifying licenses will see a control in the meeting options called ‘Who can record and transcribe’ that offers three choices:  the first option is organisers and co-organisers; the second is organisers, co-organisers, and moderators; and the third is just them. This allows meeting organisers to select which responsibilities commence the meeting’s recording and transcribing.

In recent Microsoft Teams news, IT administrators can set content-sharing permissions for external meetings in Microsoft Teams. By configuring these options, administrators can manage screen sharing and whiteboard access, guaranteeing that information is exchanged securely and within appropriate parameters.

Peek cards are one of the interesting options this month in Microsoft Teams practical guides for in-person meetings that offer more details about colleagues and workspaces. They show your key colleagues in the office and help you reserve the right spaces. The link in the insight tab takes you to your colleagues’ schedules in the Places app.

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(Source: Microsoft Teams)

Zoom is introducing a new function, Onsite Poll QR Code Sharing. This feature enables participants to easily join polls during meetings by scanning a QR code shown by the host. It allows both remote and in-person attendees to engage concurrently.

With this update, Zoom users can select from a wider range of languages for voicemail and videomail transcriptions, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and European Spanish. In the Zoom Workplace app, they can also set their preferred transcription language for voicemails, videomails, and call recordings.

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