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November-December developments

Microsoft has recently released an update that significantly improves Teams meetings, collaboration tools, and video-sharing capabilities. One of the new features is Copilot in Teams Meetings without transcript retention. You can use Copilot during a meeting without keeping the transcript afterwards. Meeting organisers can be given the ability to set this preference either before or during the meeting. When enabled without transcription, you can ask Copilot any questions during the meeting, and once the meeting is over, no transcript or Copilot interactions will be stored. Since no transcript is retained, the intelligent recap and Copilot features will not be available.

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Starting this month in Microsoft Themes, there is a new feature called Copilot in Collaborative Notes. It allows you to take notes together in real time during a team meeting. These notes are shared with all participants and can be added to the meeting agenda. Collaborative notes are like components that stay updated everywhere they are shared. With Copilot enabled, it will automatically take notes during a Teams meeting so everyone can focus on the discussion.

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Copilot in Whiteboard and Teams meetings can visualise meeting discussions by capturing and organising spoken ideas and topics in a shared Whiteboard space. This visual collaboration tool enhances meeting productivity and allows participants to access the Whiteboard file afterwards. A Copilot-generated summary can also be shared as a Loop component.

Microsoft has recently unveiled the latest feature for Teams Town Hall meetings, which now allows for a maximum of 10,000 attendees and can host 15 concurrent events across a given tenant. The platform has introduced new updates, including support for third-party eCDNs, a green room for private preparation, moderated Q&A for audience interaction control, and live-translated captions to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in live streaming. Microsoft has also implemented a new feature this month, enabling external presenters to join the meeting directly via a unique join link, thus bypassing the lobby. After presenters are added, they are sent an email containing the embedded link, facilitating their seamless entry into the meeting as presenters. If someone arrives late to a meeting that is being recorded, from now on, with a new option, they can request, ‘Copilot, please provide a summary of the meeting up until now’. This will allow them to immediately receive a summary of what has occurred in the meeting thus far without waiting for the recording or transcript. This way, they can find out if they have been assigned any tasks or mentioned in the meeting. If users are unsure what to ask, M365 Copilot offers logical prompts they can use. Gesture detection will resume when the active speaker changes. 

Google has released a new update for its Meet video conferencing software. This update introduces a feature allowing users to raise their hands and ask questions during a video call. Google Meet can now detect physical hand gestures. This feature works when the camera is enabled, and your hand is visible and not obstructed by your face or body. Gesture detection will not be activated if you engage in speaking during a meeting. It will only resume once you have concluded your active speaking role. 

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Zoom has recently introduced Zoom Clips, a new feature enabling users to effortlessly record, edit, and share concise videos with colleagues. Stored in the Clips centralised system, users have control over recipients and timing. Enhanced analytics track video views, while the updated All Eyes on Me feature allows instant board-wide visibility without confirmation, with its icon persistently visible in the interface. The toolbar arrangement has recently been improved. One of the new features will enable users to drag and rearrange icons on the toolbar, making it possible to prioritise frequently used tools. This enhancement gives users more flexibility and customisation options within the interface.

Smart Recording integrates Zoom AI Companion into cloud recordings, introducing organisational features such as smart chapters, recording highlights, and next steps. This functionality allows users to navigate through long recordings effectively, extract the most important points, and identify actionable tasks after a meeting. Host analytics, encompassing factors like talk speed and filler word usage, provide comprehensive insights. Email notifications keep users informed about processing completion, while customisation options for recording highlights, smart chapters, and next steps are available to recording owners and authorised users.

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