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September-October developments

Microsoft Teams has recently introduced several updates. As part of these updates, Microsoft Teams will introduce a new feature called Teams Town Hall. This feature replaces the existing webinar and live event functionalities in Microsoft Teams. With this update, webinars now include the option to request recordings. After the webinar concludes, organisers can make the recorded video available and send attendees a link to watch it at their convenience. The video will be posted on the online event page. To publish a recording, simply navigate to the Recordings section in the Webinar Setup and Management interface.

Zoom has released a new feature called Zoom Notes in the most recent version this month.This workspace allows users to easily create and collaborate on documents before and after meetings. With Zoom Notes, users can collaborate in real time during their Zoom meeting without switching between Zoom and other applications. Users can also continue working on their notes even after the meeting ends and easily share them for further collaboration. The settings for AI Companion questions during meetings on the web will allow hosts to have control over who can ask AI Companion questions about the current meeting. This control applies to meeting participants at the time of joining, meaning they cannot ask questions about topics from before they joined. The host can restrict AI Companion access to only themselves, all participants from the time they join, or all participants for the entire duration of AI Companion’s presence. The host can adjust this access during the live meeting if it is unlocked. It is possible to modify the Zoom Scheduler on the Zoom desktop client. The desktop client has a Zoom Scheduler tab that lets you sync changes made on the web portal with the desktop version. Teams Chat now has a Scheduled messages feature available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It improves custom workflows and increases productivity. Users now have the convenience of scheduling messages to be delivered later, with the option to delay sending until the recipient’s working hours align. Team Chat now includes the Thread Summary feature, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. This feature includes Zoom AI Companion, an option that allows Team Chat users to quickly summarise long chat threads. With Zoom AI Companion, users can easily stay on top of the conversation without reviewing each response. Mailers can use Zoom AI Companion to compose emails effortlessly by following instructions. This feature is available when replying to emails, allowing users to generate emails using the information provided or entering their queries. With this Zoom AI Companion for Mail integration, users have complete control over turning this feature on or off according to their preferences and needs.

Google Meet has expanded its support for 1080p video resolution to include meetings with three or more participants. Participants now have higher resolution videos during their meetings if they use the web version of Google Meet on a computer with enough processing power and a 1080p camera. By default, the 1080p resolution option will be turned off, but users with compatible cameras will be prompted to enable this higher resolution before joining a meeting. Additionally, users can manually turn the 1080p resolution setting on or off through the settings menu.

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In focus:

Google has recently announced that Android Auto users can now participate in WebEx or Zoom meetings directly from their car displays. This highly anticipated feature, initially announced at Google’s I/O conference earlier this year, is designed to offer convenience and safety for drivers who need to join meetings while on the go. However, it is important to note that these apps will only work in audio mode, ensuring drivers remain focused on the road without distractions. This move by Google is part of their larger efforts to establish a presence in the automotive market by integrating their Google built-in and Android Auto technologies. By allowing users to access popular conferencing platforms like WebEx and Zoom directly from their car’s infotainment display, Google aims to enhance productivity and convenience for drivers. It is worth mentioning that Tesla owners with vehicles that have an interior camera can also access the built-in Zoom app following a software update earlier this year. This demonstrates Google’s ongoing efforts to make its technologies available to a wide range of car owners and users. In conclusion, Google’s recent announcement about integrating WebEx and Zoom with Android Auto highlights its commitment to expanding its presence in the automotive market. By offering useful features such as joining meetings from the car display and integrating popular entertainment platforms, Google aims to enhance the overall driving experience for its users.

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