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Terrorists are using the Internet for a wide-range of purposes. On the operational side, terrorist organisations use ICTs for internal communication and fundraising, while on the public relations side, the Internet has proven to be an effective vehicle for disseminating and promoting terrorist ideologies. The spread of extremist propaganda over the Internet can have severe effects in the offline world, with last month’s shooting in Orlando a grave example of what online radicalisation can lead to.

Another possible vector for a meaningful strategy of reform is turning into better account the potential of regionalism in achieving the goals of the United Nations (UN).

The need for more governance at global level poses new problems for all non-state entities, which go beyond the usual scenarios of rise and fall.

‘Reform’ is a very fashionable term. No respectable statesman or head of an organisation would speak about their leadership intentions without a generous use of the notion.

The United Nations’ Secretaries-General who came in office after U Thant have no excuse for being, if they were, politically incorrect.


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