Explore UN 

Knowledge Amplifier for the the Summit of the Future and AI Era

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This September, the Summit of the Future should ‘walk the talk’ using the tools of tomorrow and the wisdom of the past to address pressing future issues. It can be achieved by using a Explore UN, a groundbreaking platform that combines cutting-edge AI technology with Diplo’s cognitive capital gathered over the last two decades. 

WHAT is Explore UN

Explore UN is an innovative platform powered by the DiploAI cognitive proximity approach. It will answer questions and provide analysis based on the wealth of publicly available information and knowledge stored in documents, videos, treaties, and reports generated by the UN activities. 

Unlike many modern AI systems, Explore UN ensures the full traceability of its answers to the original sources. This open-source platform will be adaptable to personal and professional needs, making it an invaluable resource for diplomats, students, journalists, and citizens worldwide. Explore UN will be available in 90 languages, including all six official UN languages.

WHY do we need Explore UN

For the past 69 years, the UN has amassed an unparalleled repository of data, information, and knowledge. However, this treasure trove remains largely untapped. AI technology can unlock this potential, turning UN knowledge into a public good accessible to everyone. 

By relying only on publicly available sources from websites, social media, and libraries, Explore UN will provide informed, impartial, and traceable answers to pressing issues of our time. 

Explore UN should also inspire the way how AI is developed and deployed at the UN and multilateral diplomacy by following principles of open-source, transparency, and traceability.

HOW will Explore UN be developed

Explore UN can become a functional and high-quality system in a short time span by building on Diplo’s DiploAI system that combines cutting-edge AI technology with Diplo’s knowledge taxonomies, annotated texts, and curated datasets developed over the last two decades in Diplo’s educational and research activities. 

Diplo seeks financial support of 2.3 million Euros to put all these building blocks together and create an engaging, robust, and secure platform in a short time span of 3 months ahead of the Summit of the Future in September.

WHO Can Contribute to Explore UN

Explore UN initiative embodies the spirit of the first sentence of the UN Charter: “We, the people.” It is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. 

Member States are especially encouraged to support Explore UN as a new form of donation to UN 2.0, akin to the longstanding tradition of donating buildings, conference rooms, paintings, and other artefacts.

By supporting Explore UN, Member States will pioneer a new era of donations to the UN, ensuring that the tools of the future are used to address the challenges of today.

WHEN will Explore UN be ready

An  Explore UN  pilot version will debut at the UN Summit of the Future in September 2024. This event will mark a significant milestone, demonstrating how modern AI systems can provide access to the vast knowledge heritage of the United Nations. With the necessary financial support, Diplo will develop a fully functional beta version of Explore UN within three months, ready to showcase at the Summit.

For more information and support of Explore UN please write to ai@diplomacy.edu