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[Brussels E-briefings] Who can save Europe, days before another doomed European summit?

06 December 2011 -


Event description

Returning from Asia after addressing diplomats and universities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, Diplo fellow and Le Temps correspondent Richard Werly will put the European crisis into an international context to analyse who could come to the rescue of the European Union before the upcoming European summit in Brussels.

On 9 December, European leaders will meet again in Brussels for the last summit of 2011. Will they come up with credible solutions and a long-lasting exit strategy for the eurozone? Very few experts are convinced. The talk of the day – reforming the European treaties – is not convincing. And the divergence between Germany and other eurozone member states is blatant.

This does not mean that the eurozone is on the brink of collapse. Once again, advances will be made towards stronger governance of the eurozone, and in a bid to overcome the growing mistrust in financial markets. But the focus is now much wider. As Europe is in crisis, it needs helps. Help is also needed to put the world economy back on track.

And what about China’s assistance and co-operation? What about Asia’s views on the European crisis? What about the Europe-US partnership?

Join Richard Werly, live from Brussels, on Tuesday 6th December at 15:00 CET, for a just-in-time briefing, rich in analysis and insightful comments. Participants will be able to ask questions right after the presentation.

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