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[Webinar] The threat of cyber-attacks

30 April 2013 -


Event description

The recent DDoS attack on Spamhaus, dubbed 'the biggest ever of such kind', shook the Internet community. Not only was it carried out on a very large scale, but the ripple effects created by this attack were similarly alarming.

[Update] The digest, webinar recording, and speaker's presentation are available here.

Many different aspects are involved: the costs to mitigate the attacks; the fact that an attack can affect millions of online users directly or indirectly; and the fact that attacks can target not only private entities but important structures like Internet eXchange Points (IXP).

During April's webinar, Vladimir Radunovic, Diplo's cybersecurity expert, will discuss this attack in detail. Mr Radunovic will also discuss other aspects related to cyber-attacks and cyberwarfare:

  • How big and real is the threat of cyber-attacks on a similarly large/larger scale?
  • Generally, what are the consequences of these attacks?
  • How concerned should states and institutions be about these attacks and threats of similar attacks?
  • Are there any preventive measures that can be taken by the online community?

Join us next Tuesday, 30th April, at 10:00 GMT; participants will be able to ask topic-related questions during the webinar. Participation is free; registration is required.

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