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[Webinar] Small island developing states and the IG process

30 May 2014 -


Event description

For the first time since WSIS (Tunis, 2005), the international Internet governance (IG) community meeting in Brazil last month has recognised that participation in the IG process should reflect geographic diversity and include stakeholders from small island developing states (SIDS). This recognition, incorporated in the NETmundial outcome document, marks an important step for SIDS.

[Update] The webinar recording and digest are available here.

Regional cooperation is strong among SIDS, the group of 52 small island developing states spanning thousands of miles across the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific, home to around 60 million citizens. On the international level, however, their voices remain largely unheard.

Diplo’s May IG webinar, on Friday, 30th May, at 12h GMT, will be dedicated to SIDS and IG. Tracy Hackshaw, Deputy National Chief Information Officer within the Ministry of Science and Technology for Trinidad and Tobago, will discuss the outcome document, and SIDS’ participation in the IG process.

The reference in the NETmundial outcome document to SIDS’ participation in the IG process is a breakthrough, but is it enough for the international community to recognise the challenges and concerns which SIDS face? What are the unique difficulties of SIDS, and how do these impact SIDS participation in the IG process? What are the next steps for SIDS on both a regional and international level?

Join us on Friday, 30th May, at 12h GMT; to reserve your seat, please fill in the registration form. Participants will be able to discuss the issues with the host and other webinar participants.

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