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[Webinar] The Internet of Things

04 December 2013 -


Event description

Imagine a world where many objects in our homes and offices are embedded with sensors, connected to the Internet, and able to communicate. Is this where we’re heading?

[Update] A guest blog by the webinar speaker on issues discussed during the webinar, as well as the webinar recording and speaker’s presentation, are available here.

Our next webinar in the IG series of monthly webinars will be dedicated to the Internet of Things, a concept which some think is quickly moving into the spotlight and will be a major area of focus in 2014.

Ms Desiree Miloshevic, senior public policy and international affairs advisor in Europe for domain name registry Afilias, will cut through the hype and give an overview of the main issues surrounding the Internet of Things. In particular:

  • How close we are to a broader commercial adoption of this concept
  • What the issues surrounding the Internet of Things are
  • What impact the Internet of Things will have on Internet governance

Join us on Wednesday 4th December, at 12 pm UTC/GMT. To participate, please fill in the registration form. Participants will be able to engage in discussions on the topic

Note: This webinar has been rescheduled from Thursday 28th November to Wednesday 4th December due to connection problems. If you registered for the first webinar, you do not need to re-submit your registration.

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