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[Webinar] How to overcome IG policy silos on global and national levels

16 September 2014 -


Event description

As part of the build-up to the Geneva Internet Conference, the discussion will open with key conference themes, asking for input from users and communities around the globe, thus raising awareness, stimulating debates, and localising the discussions. The first theme is: How can we overcome IG policy silos on global and national levels?

[Update] The webinar digest and recording are now available here.
[Update] Participate in our survey on policy silos. The purpose of this survey is to study how organisations and departments deal with cross-cutting Internet policy issues such as human rights and security.
[Update] Join the discussion here: To what extent is it possible to overcome policy silos? What practical approaches can be used to create IG policy coherence – examples, case studies, anecdotes?

Policymakers across different sectors face similar issues, yet follow or adopt very different perspectives. A cross-cutting approach is more the exception than the rule in organisations and institutions dealing with Internet-related topics. What can be done to achieve coordination among different actors on the national and international levels? How can we avoid turf battles and foster  constructive dialogue?

This first theme will be introduced in an hour-long webinar with open participation, on 16 September. Participants are encouraged to distribute information (via existing mailing lists, etc.), engage in substantive debates bringing all the interested parties to the table, and provide a summary of what has happened at national level around each theme. Learn more about the webinar on the second theme here, and the webinar on the third theme here. The outcomes of the discussions will feed into the conference.

Join us for the webinar on the first theme, on Tuesday 16 September at 13:00 CET (11:00 GMT). To register, please fill in the registration form.