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The trade and digital diplomacy nexus: markets, connectivity and technology

16 March 2022


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Event description

Heavily emphasised in the context of pandemic recovery, connectivity and digitalisation have become drivers of globalisation and successful trade policies. However, the pandemic and rapid technological growth of a selected few have highlighted the global digital divide and growing vulnerabilities produced by this digitalisation.

As trade is mainstreamed into foreign policy, the dependence of national digital policies and connectivity grids on foreign parties has become the most pertinent example of the need to rethink the trade-diplomacy nexus. This roundtable will discuss best practices to open small- and medium-sized countries’ access to ameliorated digital policies and close the global digital gap, and explore possibilities for collaboration that will create a powerful network of knowledge-sharing and technological cooperation.

This event is organised by Friends of Europe, and will see the participation of Diplo’s Head of Digital Commerce and Internet Policy Marília Maciel.

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