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Public Diplomacy Workshop, Pretoria

10 September 2012 - 14 September 2012


Event description

The South African Directorate of International relations and Cooperation has commissioned a second Public Diplomacy workshop, taking place in Pretoria from the 10th – 14th September

Diplo Foundation ran a second Public Diplomacy workshop in Pretoria (10-14 September) for the South African Directorate of International relations and Cooperation, The workshop aimed to build individual and institutional capacities for conceptualising and implementing public diplomacy as a core function of South African diplomacy. The workshop addressed conceptual and practical aspects of public diplomacy, providing participants with the skills, techniques and tools of public diplomacy through interactive discussion exercises and case studies. eDiplomacy was one of the core components of the workshop, given the necessity for diplomats to be able to use the tools to engage with the public, at home and abroad.