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Workshop: Baku Workshop on Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

03 December 2012 - 13 April 2012

Baku, Azerbaijan

Event description

Mr Olaph Terribile delivered a three day workshop on Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette to participants of the Advanced Foreign Service Programme at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy.

The workshop covered all aspects of diplomatic protocol ranging from the establishment of diplomatic relations to the organisation of state and official visits. The workshop also highlighted the importance of proper etiquette at social occasions and diplomatic functions.

The workshop was very interactive. Participants asked questions on each topic and the lecturer responded either directly or through practical examples.

The workshop was well received by participants, who expressed their appreciation in the end-of-course evaluation:

‘He has a rich experience on every particular case and he could convey and share with every participant of the course.’

‘He is more experienced person that I have seen in ADA. I would like to hear from this professor once more.’