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E-diplomacy 2021 online course

07 May 2012 - 15 July 2012


Event description

Online course in e-diplomacy


Application deadline:

  5 March 2012 (for the University of Malta Accredited Course)

  13 April 2012 (for the Diplo Certificate Course)


Should diplomats blog? Can we negotiate effectively online? Are there security risks for diplomats in using online tools?

This course focuses on the opportunities and challenges Internet tools offer for diplomatic activities. It examines and analyses the use of new tools in the context of everyday diplomatic activities. The course offers both an overview of this emerging field, and concrete skills for the ‘cyber diplomat’.

This course is conducted entirely online over a period of ten weeks. Reading materials and tools for online interaction are provided through an online classroom.

The course is offered as University of Malta Accredited Course, Diplo Certificate Course or as part of the Master/PGD in Contemporary Diplomacy.

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