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New course Negotiation Skills 2017

18 September 2017 -


Event description

Fields of non-traditional diplomacy, such as education diplomacy, health diplomacy, Internet Governance, humanitarian diplomacy, and development diplomacy, require the use of diplomatic skills to build bridges across sectors, diverse actors, and borders. 


Negotiation Skills is a practical, interactive course that equips participants with the skills to successfully prepare, undertake, and conclude negotiations in formal and informal settings with government and non-government actors. The first two weeks set the stage by introducing the concept and principles of negotiation and reflecting on the role of power and empathy in negotiation. The following two weeks go into greater detail regarding key skills supported by case studies and practical learning activities. The final two weeks of the course put these skills to practice in an online simulation exercise. Participants in this course will receive individual feedback and guidance from the course facilitator to help them develop their knowledge and skills. 

This course is offered by the Center for Education Diplomacy (an initiative of the Association for Childhood Education International) in partnership with DiploFoundation. 


Who should apply?
The course aims to equip participants from government and non-government sectors engaged or interested in various fields of diplomacysuch as education diplomacy, health diplomacy, Internet Governance, humanitarian diplomacy, and development diplomacy, with the necessary skills to understand and conduct successful negotiations. Applications from relevant government ministries, the business sector, and civil society will be welcome.


Apply by 21 August for the 18 September 2017 course start date.
Read more on the course webpage and contact if you have questions or need further information.