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Diplo director addresses New America roundtable in Washington

30 January 2018 -

Washington DC, USA

Event description

The year 2018 represents a tipping point for the Internet and its governance. The approach of wait and see in the digital sphere is no longer sustainable and needs an intervention by stakeholders.

In this timely roundtable discussion, DiploFoundation’s Director, Dr Jovan Kurbalija, will address the shifting landscape surrounding cybersecurity risks, as well as an array of policy solutions – with an emphasis on the latest analysis of digital policy predictions for the year 2018.


Dr Jovan Kurbalija – @jovankurbalija

Director, DiploFoundation, and Head, Geneva Internet Platform


Mr Ian Wallace – @pianwallace

Co-Director, Cybersecurity Initiative, New America


The event is organised by New America in co-operation with DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform.


This is an invitation only event.