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Modern Diplomacy for Small States Workshop

30 September 2015 - 09 October 2015


Event description

From 21 – 30 March 2012, Diplo is organising the MCTCTP Modern Diplomacy for Small States

The workshop is intended primarily for professionals holding senior/middle management positions within a ministry of foreign affairs or other department dealing with the foreign affairs of small states. Given the institution-building focus of the programme, participants should be in the position to implement in their respective ministries and government departments the skills and knowledge acquired during the workshop

Experience sharing will focus on case studies presented by each participant which address challenges faced by their ministry. Questions will be prepared from these presentations for the relevant speaker: an experienced diplomat from Malta.

The workshop is funded by the MCTCTP programme, through the Commonwealth Secretariat and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta.

Some 21 participants from 19 countries will be participating in the programme this year.