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Launch of the Diplo’s new Data Engine

12 October 2020


Event description

Launching on Monday, 12th October | Online

After years of conceptual and technical developments, we will present a pilot version of our Data Engine, as part of Diplo’s new artificial intelligence (AI) and data ecosystem. Simple in usability and complex in development, it will allow diplomats and other global governance actors to use data in practical ways.

The engine addresses data from the following perspectives: diplomatic (what matters for practitioners of diplomacy); technical (what the cutting-edge tools and platforms are); statistical (which proven statistical techniques can be used, such as data normalisation and identifying outliers); and AI-related (what are the optimal algorithms for discovering patterns of relevance for diplomacy). 

The first practical use of Diplo’s Data Engine will be to power the Geneva Data Sandbox as part of the Road to Bern via Geneva process leading up to the UN World Data Forum. 

14 new projects in September and October 

DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) will be launching 14 new projects in September and October 2020.


14 Sept. The new Digital Watch observatory    
17 Sept. ConfTech’s Library on the Future of Meetings
21 Sept. The humAInism Speech Generator
24 Sept. Help Desk for inclusive governance    
28 Sept. The Digital Watch weekly digest    


 5 Oct. Start of Contemporary diplomacy courses
 5 Oct. Start of Cybersecurity 10-week course
 8 Oct. Tech Meets informal get-togethers (in Geneva)
12 Oct. Diplo’s new Data Engine 
15 Oct. Start of the Online Meetings and Conferences online course
19 Oct. The Digital Watch AI-powered media barometer
22 Oct. Study: Diplomacy in the age of COVID-19
26 Oct. The new Geneva Digital Atlas
29 Oct. The ConfTech Immersion Lab (in Geneva)